Jun 072017


Who is the best poet in America? 

Perhaps you are? Or, perhaps you know someone you think is a wonderful poet though others may not even know that person.

We would like to think that real talent will distinguish itself but so many factors intervene that the question of who is the best poet in America really can’t be answered. Indeed, the question should always make for a rousing debate!

The problem is, however, that the politics of poetry, the competitive nature of people more broadly, leads to list making. Where there are lists, there are those on top, those on the bottom, and perhaps worse still, those left out.

You’ve found this page at my Poetrydoctortm website, so you may think a discussion about “the best poetry” is going to be biased. I suppose you will be correct in that my intention here is to present a sample of my work–a nearly complete collection of it–which you can use to gauge not only whether I am a good poet, but what you do and don’t like in poetry.

Please click the link below which will bring you to my poetry.  Find a book title and just read a bit. I’m not telling you I’m the best. But, after all these years in the poetry business, I think it’s time to see my audience expand. I am making my own “list.” Can’t wait for “theirs!”


You may also search a topic or a word to find a poem for a particular use.  OnlineLabels Clip Art - Magnifying Glass

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Read my poems and tell me what you think. Or, just read them and enjoy.

I am reachable via email as:

or via regular mail to: 1104 Jacaranda Avenue, Daytona Beach, FL 32118


These poems are yours to use, free, for academic/teaching purposes. Please give me proper acknowledgment. 

If you find a poem that you wish to reproduce for personal purposes, that is also permissible, but please give me a proper acknowledgment. 

All of my work here is reproduced from books still in copyright. Some of the books are still for sale by my publishers. Please Google any title you like and consider purchasing the book. I am grateful to those who have published me and don’t want to stymie their sales!

I trust that if you plan to use these poems for any other, commercial purposes, you will contact me to describe your intentions so that I can give you proper permission.




I HOPE YOU ENJOY THESE POEMS. I  would be glad to hear from you.

Dr. David B. Axelrod,