Apr 122011

Poetry Doctortm


When I called myself “poetry doctor,” it was with a suitable sense of humor. My good friend and mentor, the poet Dr. Aaron Kramer, told me, upon my completion of my doctoral studies, “Never let them call you ‘Mr.’ again!” Thus, as a poet, the title fell upon me… and, in fact, I can help you doctor up your poems if you ask. My website offers both a chance to communicate and learn more about poetry and a network for writing activities more generally…

Offering what working writers need:

  • Free tips and leads for poets and writers.
  • Instruction in a variety of writing-related areas.
  • Editorial services, manuscript preparation.
  • Publishing advice: magazines, journals and books.
  • Book distribution and sales.

CLICK FOR AN ESSAY ON: LIFE AS A POET and more about Poetry Doctor

About 3WS, World Wide Writers Services

“Working the World of Words”

3WS,  founded by Dr. David B. Axelrod in 1990, has as its mission to provide assistance to those interested and employed in the writing arts. In an increasingly global society, writers from around the world have more and more in common.

Whether it is the simple need to check protocol or style, or the more complex issue of freedom to write, there are tasks and interests all writers may share. 3WS is truly “working the world of words” as it adds to it works with and links authors from many countries.

The Poetry Doctor website, designed and written by the staff of 3WS, is an example of the diverse services available from the organization.

If you would like more information about 3WS, or if you have special skills to offer to us or to others, use our form below to contact me.