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 Writers Ink Press Abella, Olga | Agostino, Paul | Allen, David |  Axelrod, Daniel E. | Byrnes, Fred | Cavanaugh, Joseph | Cowley, Lisa |dePazzi, Ellen|DiGenarro, Adriana | Fisher, Adam | Guilbert, Anthony | Kidde, Kaye | Kotch, Beverly | Levine, Mara | Levine, Marvin |Marinelli, William J. | Nuzzo-Morgan, Tammy | Opyr, Linda | Pels, Daniel J. | Paleos, Kaliope |Susan Pilewski | Stever, Edward |Stock, Thomas | Teller, Gayl | Usatch, Sonia | Wallace, George | Wentling, Trish |Wicker, Sandy | [show_wp_shopping_cart] Shipping is free. Order using PayPal or our ORDER FORM.
  Watching the Wind. Abella, Olga. BINDING: perfect bound, 76 pgs. ISBN13: 978-0-925062-55-3 PRICE: $20.[wp_cart:Watching the Wind:price:20.:end]  
  Engagements and Disengagements: New Poems.Agostino, Paul. BINDING: perfect bound, 128 pgs. ISBN13: 978-0-925062-14-7 ISBN: 0-925062-14-6 PRICE: $15. [wp_cart:Engagements and Disengagements:price:15.:end]  
  The Story So Far. Allen, David. BINDING: perfect bound, 124 pgs. ISBN: 0-925062-48-0 PRICE: $20.[wp_cart:The Story So Far:price:20.:end]  
  History Doesn’t Kill Me. Axelrod, Daniel. Binding: stapled, 24 pgs.  ISBN 0-925062-05-x (Out of Print)
Dreams. Axelrod, Daniel E. BINDING: stapled, 24 pgs. ISBN: 0-925062-05-7 PRICE: $6.[wp_cart:Dreams:price:6.:end]
Staircase Wisdom. Axelrod, Daniel E. BINDING: perfect bound, 54 pgs. ISBN 0-925062-12-x ISBN13: 978-0-925062-12-3 PRICE: $10 [wp_cart:Staircase Wisdom:price:10.:end]
  1969 and Other Poems. Byrnes, Fred. BINDING: perfect bound, 48 pgs. ISBN13 978-0-925062-58-8 PRICE: $20.[wp_cart:1969 and Other Poems:price:20.:end]
  Poetry Jam with Toast and Tea. Cavanaugh, Joseph. BINDING: perfect bound, 88 pgs. ISBN: 978-0-925062-46-9 (book sold with CD) PRICE: $20. –  [wp_cart:Poetry Jam with Toast and Tea:price:20.:end]
  Poetry Jam: Music and Poems. Cavanaugh, Joseph.ISBN: 978-0-925062-47-5 (CD only) PRICE: $10.[wp_cart:Poetry Jam with Toast and Tea (CD Only):price:10.:end]
  Noah’s Dove. Cowley, Lisa. BINDING: perfect bound, 44 pgs. ISBN13: 978-0-925062-41-3 ISBN: 0-925062-41-3 PRICE: $10. [wp_cart:Noah’s Dove:price:10.:end]
  David Burliuk: His Long Island and His World. de’ Pazzi, Ellen. BINDING: perfect bound, 218 pgs. ISBN13: 978-0-925062-25-3 ISBN: 0-925062-25-1 COLLECTOR’S PRICE: $40. [wp_cart:David Burliuk: His Long Island and His World:price:40.00:end]
  Peripheral Vision. DiGennaro, Adriana. BINDING: perfect bound, 58 pgs. ISBN13: 978-0-925062-23-9 ISBN: 0-925062-23-5 PRICE: $15. [wp_cart:Peripheral Vision:price:15.:end]
Rooms, Airy Rooms. Fisher, Adam D. BINDING: perfect bound, 36 pgs. (Issued as a Behrman House Poetry Edition together with Cross-Cultural Communication)ISBN cloth: 0-89304-760-0 ISBN paper: 0-89304-761-9 (Out of Print)
Enough to Stop the Heart. Fisher, Adam D. BINDING: perfect bound, 80 pgs. ISBN13: 978-0-925062-54-5 PRICE: $20. [wp_cart:Enough to Stop the Heart:price:20.:end]
  Drift. Guilbert (né Norton), Anthony. BINDING: stapled, 24 pgs. ISBN: 0-9606222-11 (Out of Print)
This Longing: Words for the Body, Words for the Soul.Guilbert, Anthony BINDING: perfect bound, 60 pgs. ISBN 0-925062-56-1 PRICE: $15. [wp_cart:This Longing:price:15.00:end]
  Early Sky. Kidde, Kaye. BINDING: perfect bound, 82 pgs. ISBN13: 978-0-925062-24-6 ISBN: 0-925062-24-3 PRICE: $15. [wp_cart:Early Sky:price:15.:end]
  I’m in Here Somewhere. Kotch, Beverly. BINDING: stapled, 38 pgs. ISBN: 978-0-925062-27-7 PRICE: $15.[wp_cart:I’m in Here Somewhere:price:15.:end]
  Water the Roots. Levine, Mara. BINDING: perfect bound, 80 PGS. ISBN: 978-0-925062-72-7 PRICE: $15.[wp_cart:Water the Roots:price:15.:end]
Generations. Levine, Mara. BINDING: perfect bound, 70 pgs. ISBN: 0-925062-40-5 PRICE: $15.[wp_cart:Generations:price:15.00:end]
   Look down from Clouds: New Poems. Levine, Marvin. BINDING: perfect bound, 52 pgs. ISBN: 0-925062-09-x (Out of Print)
  Into the Night. Marinelli, William J.  BINDING: perfect bound, 42 pgs. ISBN13: 978-0-925062-15-4 ISBN: 0-925062-15-4 PRICE: $15. [wp_cart:Into the Night:price:15.00:end]
Gone Fishing. Marinelli, William J. BINDING: perfect bound, 100 pgs. ISBN13: 978-0-925062-39-0 ISBN: 0-925062-39-1 PRICE: $15. [wp_cart:Gone Fishing:price:15.:end]
  Life’s a Beach. Nuzzo-Morgan, Tammy. BINDING: perfect bound, 52 pgs. ISBN 978-0-925062-48-2 PRICE: $15. [wp_cart:Life’s a Beach:price:15.:end] 
The Ragged Cedar. Opyr, LindaBINDING: perfect bound, 60 pages. ISBN13: 978-0-925062-54-3 PRICE: $15. [wp_cart:The Ragged Cedar:price:15.:end]
   No Moon: New Poems. Opyr, Linda. BINDING: perfect bound, 72 pgs. ISBN13: 978-0-925062-16-1 ISBN: 0-925062-16-2 PRICE: $15. [wp_cart:No Moon:price:15.:end]
Earth Time: Poems. Opyr, Linda. BINDING: perfect bound, 76 pgs. ISBN13: 978-0-925062-21-5 ISBN: 0-925062-21-9 PRICE: $15. [wp_cart:Earth Time:price:15.:end]
   Afternoon, After Midnight. Pels, Daniel J. BINDING: perfect bound, 98 pgs. ISBN13: 978-0-925062-21-5 ISBN: 0-925062-49-9 PRICE: $15. [wp_cart:Afernoon, After Midnight:price:15.:end]
  Are There Animals Hiding Inside You? Paleos,Kalliopy BINDING: stapled, 32 pgs. ISBN: 0-925062-04-9 PRICE: $8. [wp_cart:Are There Animals Hiding Inside You:price:8.:end]
  Fetish: Poems. Pilewski, Susan. BINDING: perfect bound, 62 pgs. ISBN13: 978-0-925062-53-6 ISBN: 0-925062-53-7 PRICE: $15. [wp_cart:Fetish: Poems(second edition):price:15.:end]
Propulsion. Stever, Edward. BINDING: perfect bound, 50 pgs. ISBN13: 978-0-925062-07-9 ISBN: 0-925062-07-3 PRICE: $10. [wp_cart:Propulsion:price:10.:end]
Transparency. Stever, Edward. BINDING: stapled, 28 pgs. ISBN13: 978-0-925062-02-4 ISBN: 0-925062-02-2 PRICE: $10.[wp_cart:Transparency:price:10.00:end]     Hidden Agenda: A Poetry Journey. BINDING: perfect bound 60 pgs. ISBN13: 978-0-925062-52-9  PRICE: $15. [wp_cart:Hidden Agenda:price:15.00:end] 
  Toward Foregiveness. Teller, Gayl. BINDING: perfect bound, 272 pgs. ISBN 978-0-925062-28-4 PRICE: $20.  [wp_cart:Toward Foregiveness:price:20.:end]
  Tennessee Waltz and Other Poems. Sandy WickerBINDING: stapled, 28 pgs. ISBN13: 978-0-925062-42-0 ISBN: 0-925062-42-1 PRICE: $10. [wp_cart:Tennessee Waltz and Other Poems:price:10.:end]
Noodle Kugel. Usatch, Sonia. BINDING: perfect bound, 40 pgs. ISBN13: 978-0-925062-00-0 ISBN: 0-925062-00-6 PRICE: $10. [wp_cart:Noodle Kugel (second Edition):price:10.:end]
 Confessions of a Yuppie Dropout. Wallace, George.BINDING: stapled, 32 pgs. ISBN: 0-925062-08-1 (Out of Print)
The Poems of Augie Prime. Wallace, George. BINDING: perfect bound, 60 pgs. ISBN: 0-925062-19-7 PRICE: $12[wp_cart:The Poems of Augie Prime:price:12.00:end]
Pruning. Wentling, Trish. BINDING: stapled, 32 pgs. ISBN: 978-0-925062-56-7 PRICE: $10 [wp_cart:The Pruning:price:10.00:end]